SER130 - Acute Myocardial Infarction

Professor Dan Atar

MD, Professor of Cardioalogy, Oslo university Hospital, Oslo, Norway

Dr. Atar, MD is Head of Research at Oslo University Hospital Ulleval, Dept. of Mecidine, Oslo, Norway, and holds a full Professorship in Cardiology at the University of Oslo, Norway, along with a Visiting Associate Professorship at the Johns Hopkins Unversity, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Dr. Atar is trained in Denmark, Switzerland, and the United States before receiving his board certification in Internal Medicine and Cardiology in 1995. His research focuses on myocardial biomarkers, myocardial function, heart failure and cardiovascular pharmacology. He has written >250 articles and book chapters and holds the fellowship-titles FESC, FACC, and inaugural FAHA. Dan Atar is the past-Chairman of the ESC Working Group on Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy. He was chairing a EU-FP7 research consortium (“Mitocare”) to study reperfusion injury in STEMI. Dan Atar was on a number of ESC guideline writing committees, amongst others the “2010 and 2012 ESC Guideline on Atrial Fibrillation” as well as the 2012 STEMI-guideline. In 2012, Dan Atar was elected as Councillor and Board member of the ESC. Further, in 2014, he was elected as Vice-President of the ESC for the 2014-2016 Board.

Dr. A. Michael Lincoff

Director and Vice Chairman at Clinical Research of the Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland, USA

Michael Lincoff, MD, is the Director of the Cleveland Clinic Coordinating Center for Clinical Research (C5Research). He also oversees clinical research activities throughout the Cleveland Clinic as Director of the Center for Clinical Research and Vice Chairman for Clinical Research of the Lerner Research Institute. He is a Vice Chairman of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine and an interventional cardiologist in the Heart and Vascular Institute. Dr. Lincoff’s clinical research activities focus on development of therapies to reduce acute and long-term complications of percutaneous coronary revascularization procedures, to optimize therapy for acute coronary ischemic syndromes, or reduce progression or complications of atherosclerosis. He has served as principal investigator or steering committee member of over 15 pivotal trials in ischemic heart disease, enrolling in aggregate over 50,000 patients, studying new antiplatelet or antithrombotic agents in the settings of coronary intervention, heart attack, or unstable angina. Dr. Lincoff is a Professor of Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University. He holds the Charles and Charlotte Fowler Endowed Chair for Cardiovascular Research at the Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Lincoff has authored or coauthored over 200 peer-reviewed articles. He has also written over 80 book chapters and reviews and presented more than 300 lectures at various medical meetings and courses throughout the world. Dr. Lincoff is currently a member of the Cardiovascular and Renal Drugs Advisory Committee of the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Professor Hans Erik Bøtker

Professor, Ph.D., MD, FESC, FACC, Department of cardiology, Aarhus university Hospital, Aarhus, Denmark

Dr. Bøtker is Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine and Interventional Cardiology and co-director of Department of Cardiology, Aarhus University Hospital Skejby, Denmark. He is past president of the Danish Society of Cardiology, advisor for  the European Board for Accreditation in Cardiology (EBAC) and member of the Working Group of Coronary Pathology and Microcirculation in the European Society of Cardiology.

He graduated from Aarhus University Medical School in 1983, had his clinical training in Odense and Aarhus University Hospital and still working as interventional cardiologist.

His research has focused on ischemic heart disease, interventional cardiology and myocardial metabolism during research conducted at Aarhus University Hospital and as visiting professor at University of Texas, Houston Medical School. Received major research grants from The Danish Research Council, The Danish Heart Foundation, Fondation Leducq and others. More than 300 papers. He is director of the research group of myocardial metabolism and cardioprotection and member of the research group of prehospital diagnosis and treatment. Together with his team, he has initiated a research program that aims to optimize the whole chain of events involved in admission of patients with acute coronary syndrome for urgent treatment. These efforts include reduction of referral delay from onset of symptoms to arrival at the cath. lab. by improved triage and rapid institution of treatment, over optimization of the interventional procedure to implementation of cardioprotective modalities that minimize reperfusion injury.