Serodus receives 5,9 MNOK grant from the Norwegian Research Council

Serodus has been granted 5.9 MNOK from the Norwegian Research Council's BIA-program. The project focuses on testing of SER130 in experimental pharmacological models, other pre-clinical testing and in patients with acute heart attack. SER130 is expected to reduce the size of tissue damage after the attack. The pharmacological testing will be in collaboration with the Univiersitaetsklinikum Essen in Germany. The clinical effect of SER130 on tissue damage after Acute Heart Attack will be studied in collaboration with the Department of Cardiology and Internal Medicine at Oslo University Hospital. The total study period is 2014 - 2017. CEO Eva Steiness, Serodus, expresses her gratitude of the scientific validation of our SER130 program and look forward to initiate the studies.