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Kidney Disease in T2D

SER150 is a small molecule with anti-inflammatory properties.

SER150 is an anti-inflammatory compound with a novel mode of action both inhibiting thromboxane synthase as well as blocking the thromboxane (TP) receptor. SER150 is expected to specifically inhibit the inflammatory processes in the renal arterioles and glomeruli and reduce the progression of renal impairment whereby the amount of protein excreted in urine will decrease. Treatment with ACE-inhibitor antihypertensives is the golden standard of treatment of in  diabetic nephropathy but that treatment does not inhibit the fundamental causes of renal damage nor does it cure the disease.

Since the inflammation is a progressive process causing loss of the renal function, SER150 could potentially become a very significant combination (add-on) therapy as standard daily treatment in patients with diabetic nephropathy. It is expected that SER150 treatment delays progression or even prevents development of the disease. Consequently, SER150 has a blockbuster market potential.